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Tuesday, November 05, 2013 - Fort Loudoun Medical Center Partners with Local High Schools to Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer
On Friday, October 11 & Friday, October 25, 2013; Fort Loudoun Medical Center aided in the PINK OUT efforts at Loudon High School and Lenoir City High School.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and both schools had plans to hold a ‘Pink Out’ during a home football game. Attendees, players and cheerleaders were asked to ‘Wear Pink’ to support the cause. Fort Loudoun Medical Center sold t-shirts with the words “Redskins WEAR PINK” during the Loudon vs. Kingston Homecoming game. A total of 185 shirts were sold at LHS to aide the efforts of breast cancer outreach and the hospital’s Relay for Life team. For the game against Hardin Valley at Lenoir City High School, t-shirts were sold with the words “LC Panthers WEAR PINK” with a total of 110 shirts sold.

Cheri Parrish, Principal Loudon High School said, “The shirts turned out really well and looked great! We have received a lot of positive feedback and look forward to making this an annual event.” Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Lenoir City High School Greg Boling said, “Thank you to Fort Loudoun Medical Center for all your efforts in this cause!”

Breast Cancer Statistics:
  • All women are at risk for breast cancer and the risk increases as you age. 
  • Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women ages 20 to 59. 
  • In 2013, it is estimated that among U.S. women there will be 232,340 new cases of invasive breast cancer and 39,620 breast cancer deaths.* 
(*ref. American Cancer Society)

All together Fort Loudoun Medical Center has risen over $2,500 and has plans to continue selling the shirts for their Relay for Life efforts. To purchase a shirt in support of breast cancer and your school, call (865) 271-6026.

All women age 40 and older should have a yearly screening mammogram. You can make an appointment at Fort Loudon Medical Center for a digital mammography screening by calling (865) 271-6070. Fort Loudoun Medical Center is located at 550 Fort Loudoun Medical Center Drive in Lenoir City, TN.