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A Note of Thanks to our Emergency Medical Work Force

Posted on May 16, 2022

In Honor of National EMS Week, We Thank You

National #EMSWeek (Emergency Medical Services Week) honors the contributions of those who work on the medical front line. This year, it’s celebrated from May 15 to May 23 and the Fort Loudoun Family would like to recognize the hard work and heart put forth by our EMS partners.

Corey Estes and Travis Estes
Priority Ambulance first responders Corey Estes and Travis Estes pose at a community event.

Travis Estes is the director of emergency services for Priority Ambulance of Loudon County. Having served in healthcare and emergency services for over 30 years, Estes is proud of the relationship between his EMS staff and the Fort Loudoun Medical Center team members.

“In healthcare, it’s all one big team, one big circle, and everyone has their link in the chain,” he said. “To be able to collaborate with the hospital, especially with the emergency department, is huge – and allows us to offer that continuum of care for the citizens of Loudon County.”

 “We’re fortunate enough to have an in-county hospital, and even though it’s a smaller hospital compared to big cities, it has imaging, many types of diagnostics and some great things there,” Estes says. “They give one-on-one patient care, and that close relationship between EMS and hospital staff gives our citizens the highest possible care available. It should let people know someone will always be there to help them in their time of need.”

April Ray, the medical staff coordinator at Fort Loudoun Medical Center, says all emergency team members work together with hospital staff to help each patient who comes through our hospital doors to understand what is happening to them.

“The EMS providers we work with here at Fort Loudoun have such a heart for our community,” Ray says. “Superhero doesn’t cut it – they are our archangels from heaven!”

Ray shares, “From the time that emergency happens to the time the patient arrives to Fort Loudoun, the EMS staff is with them. Once arrived, they makes sure every patient is taken care of before they leave,” she explains. “The paramedic might offer them something to drink, or ask the patient if they are doing okay. They introduce the patient to their hospital caregiver by name. It just shows how they work with our folks like clockwork, just clicking together to make things go smoothly, especially in the emergency department.”

Priority Ambulance Truck
Priority Ambulance serves the 220 square miles of Loudon County.

Ray continues, “It’s important that we all work well together not only for patient flow, but to help people understand what’s going on in their greatest time of need. Our facility is staffed with caring providers who understand the needs of our community. I want everyone to know that we are here for them and we come together to better serve each and every one of our patients.”

Estes agrees. He reflects on the past two years of working in emergency medical services throughout the pandemic. “It’s been a stressful two years, but our EMS staff is dedicated to serving the people of Loudon County. We have shown that by being resilient and doing what we can in trying times. It goes back to the team effort – everyone pitching in to take care of others when they need it most.”

EMS providers with Hazmat suits
Priority Ambulance emergency technicians practice a drill at Fort Loudoun Medical Center involving Hazmat suits.

Priority Ambulance is the primary 911 responder for Loudon County and has 22 full-time emergency medical technicians (including critical care paramedics) and 20 additional part-time staff. Priority operates four EMS trucks serving the 220 square miles of Loudon County touting the company slogan, “our community, our priority.” Priority also services Knox and Blount County.

Fort Loudoun Medical Center is an 87,000 square-foot acute care facility in Loudon, Tennessee offering sophisticated care and medical procedures with 12 emergency suites, a helipad for emergency transportation and state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging. Fort Loudoun Medical Center is a member of Covenant Health, the region’s top-performing healthcare network with 10 hospitals, outpatient clinics, specialty and home care, and more. Covenant Health brings a tradition of quality and excellent patient care to the communities we serve. Learn more at