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2013 Community Health Needs Assessment – Loudon County

Loudoun entrance at nightThe Community Health Needs Assessment provides a roadmap to help communities reach their destination of a healthier place to call home. Fort Loudoun Medical Center is hopeful that this assessment will be a catalyst for meaningful collaboration and action as we address some of the most important health improvement opportunities facing Loudon County.

The Affordable Care Act requires not-for-profit hospitals to conduct a needs assessment every three years and to create an Implementation Plan to address the significant findings. This effort will assist us in “connecting the dots” between Fort Loudoun’s resources and the needs of the community, identifying additional resources, and engaging with our community partners in initiatives that benefit our residents.

Our Assessment Partners

This process could not have been done without the following organizations and individuals who gave guidance and thoughtful input along the way. Their expertise and relationships helped us access the general population as well as the county’s most vulnerable residents and helped distill volumes of data into the most significant health issues in Loudon County. We deeply appreciate their commitment to the assessment process.

  • Loudon County Health Department
  • Loudon County Health Council
  • Loudon County – Coordinated School Health
  • Fort Loudoun Medical Center
  • Knox County Health Department, Department of Assessment and Planning
  • United Way of Loudon County
  • 2-1-1 Information and Referral
  • Good Samaritan Center of Loudon
  • Inter-agency Council