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So Much, So Close

Fort Loudoun Medical Center is equipped with a team of more than 200 doctors, who specialize in more than 29 specialty areas. Our 87,000 square-foot hospital features advanced technology including state-of-the-art Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computerized Tomography (CT), Ultrasound, Diagnostic X-Rays, Women's Imaging Services as well as Nuclear Medicine technology unique to the 16 surrounding counties. The physicians, staff, and volunteers of Fort Loudoun Medical Center are dedicated to providing excellent quality care to every patient, every time.

At Fort Loudoun Medical Center, we are proud to offer our community and friends a new era of healthcare.

Join us for Tea & Tour

Our Tea & Tour program provides you with an opportunity to personally tour Fort Loudoun Medical Center. For tour reservations, call 865-271-6060 today.

Click here to read the 2013 Loudon County Community Health Needs Assessment.

Fort Loudoun Medical Center Helping Patients Breathe Easier with New Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program
Fort Loudoun Medical Center Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation now offers rehabilitation for people who have chronic lung diseases such as Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Lung Cancer, Black Lung, Silicosis, Beryllium Disease, Pulmonary Fibrosis, or any ongoing lung disease. Read More

Delirium vs. Dementia: Fort Loudoun Medical Center Staff Receive Training on Collaborating with Families in Recognizing Symptoms
Patient care staff often cannot recognize delirium because patient’s normal behaviors, or baselines, are not always known when they are admitted to the hospital. Families can be a resource in recognizing a family member’s change from their typical norms but are unfamiliar with the concept of delirium and are not empowered to report changes. Read More

Fort Loudoun Therapy Center Helping Patients Keep Their Voice Alive with New Speech Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease
Virtually every person with Parkinson’s disease will have problem with speech that starts early in the disease process. Over time, speech problems can progressively diminish their quality of life if not treated properly. More than 20 years of research funded by the National Institute of Health has documented that LSVT LOUD improved vocal loudness, improved speech intelligibility, increased facial expression and improved confidence. Now, this program is offered in Loudon County with a simple referral from your physician to the Fort Loudoun Therapy Center. Read More

FLMC Employee, Jane Saylor, Receives Visionary Award from Loudon County Leadership Hall of Fame 2014
The Hall of Fame seeks to recognize individuals who have demonstrated excellence and are clearly identified as outstanding in their fields. Read More

Fort Loudoun Medical Center Honored with 4-Star & 5 Star Awards for Patient Satisfaction
PRC award winners are recognized annually for their achievements in improving patient experiences, healthcare employee engagement and/or physician alignment based on perceptions obtained through surveys of patients at Fort Loudoun Medical Center. Read More

Fort Loudoun Medical Center Excels In Patient Safety – Awarded an “A” in Spring 2014 Hospital Safety Score
Designed to rate how well hospitals protect patients from accidents, errors, injuries and infections, the latest Hospital Safety Score honored Fort Loudoun Medical Center with an “A” – its top grade in patient safety. Read More

Fort Loudoun Medical Center Receives 2014 VHA Excellence Award for Clinical Care
Fort Loudoun Medical Center announced today it has received an Excellence Award for Clinical Care from VHA Inc., the national healthcare network. The award recognizes Fort Loudoun Medical Center’s achievement of exceptionally high levels of performance in clinical care when compared to national benchmarks. The award was presented on Sunday, April 27 during VHA’s national Navigating to Excellence Forum, held in Las Vegas. Read More

Surface to skin deep
Melanoma patient urges others,"Go, get checked!" Read More

Fort Loudoun Medical Center to hold annual tree lighting event
The holidays are just around the corner and Fort Loudoun Medical Center is excited to welcome them with their annual tree lighting celebration. Read More

Fort Loudoun Medical Center helps build second Habitat for Humanity Home in Loudon County
During the months of September, October and November, Fort Loudoun Medical Center put together a team of 12 hospital employees and their friends and families to help build a home for residents of Loudon County’s Habitat for Humanity Program. Read More

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